Rest In Peace

BIF CH. Northern Lights Studio Spotlight, SC, CGC

I had my sights set on a puppy from another kennel, I was able to watch the baby grow up online. Hindsight – not the best way to pick a puppy. There could have been a hundred pictures before the perfect one is used, at the right angle in the right light. I hoped that I would get the pick bitch – little did I know the breeder would want her too. To make a long story a little shorter the breeder ended up not wanting to send a puppy to Alaska and so kept her themselves.

Left a little high and dry and expecting a puppy before winter set in, I did what I should have done in the first place – had some one trust worthy pick a puppy for me. Barbara Sawyer-Brown, would be the only one I would have trusted with this task.

Dead on! Kiya is a perfect fit, I am fully into Lure coursing and Kiya is good enough to earn a Best in Field. I need to take my dogs to events and meet the breeds, Kiya is there with me in perfect behavior. I dabble in Rally obedience to help with entries in the smaller matches – Kiya’s the one!

Although Kiya is beta in the pack inside the house, she is the lead when we are out on hikes. Loyal and extremely playful, I still buy her squeaky balls. She is our best dog, she minds her manners, ever watchful but without being under foot.

Kiya, Northern Lights Studio Spotlight, is by Ch. Thor of Parnassus out of Ch Northern Lights Aurora of Askeron.

Pedigree shortcut

AKC Titles earned:

Confirmation Championship (CH)

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Best in Field (BIF)

Senior Courser (SC)

I will judge all other Rhodesian Ridgeback personalities by our dear Kiya. Check out the 2010 & 2012 Browntrout calendar to see Kiya!

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