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Holly Lewis (Weatherwax)

Holly Lewis is in a life endeavor of owning top quality Rhodesian Ridgebacks. A certified and a third generation dog trainer, Holly is the daughter of Larry Weatherwax and so continues top quality handling and training for dogs. Holly Lewis can be contacted in the Anchorage and Mat-Su Valley area of Alaska at aklewis@ (no spaces). Holly is available for Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue and Breeder home checks, as well as training advice and tactics.

Holly Lewis has been awarded the American Kennel Club Outstanding Sportsman Award for her maintenance of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US Website.

Here is a brief history of the Weatherwax’s and their famous Hollywood kennel: — Frank and Rudd Weatherwax training facility was named “The Studio Dog Training School” ®

“… Shortly after arriving in California two of the brothers, Frank and Rudd, saw some puppies and begged their father Walter for them. Their father said OK, but under one condition: They had to train the dogs. Train them, they did. Those pups were taught tricks that were never in the book. If money was laying on the floor: one of the dogs would pick it up and deposit it in a drawer. When Frank walked by an apple stand, he would casually reach out and touch one of the apples. Two blocks later he would send his dog back to retrieve the very same apple he touched…”

Frank and Rudd did not stay long with Rennie Renfro. They knew that to make money, they had to work for themselves. Therefore in 1940 they formed a partnership and went into business as “The Studio Dog Training School”. It is from that partnership that came Lassie, “Old Yeller” and numerous other dog stars.

Studio Dogs® Training

Holly Lewis is available for Dog training and owner consultations. Please email for quotes as Dog training is as individual as the dog.
Holly Lewis is a certified and Dog Trainer working under Alaska BL# 951638. Studio Dogs is a registered trademark with a serial number of 85220921.

Holly Lewis is an active member in good standing with:

  • The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US
  • The Alaska Kennel Club
  • Cook Inlet Kennel Club
  • Animal Behavior College

Please enjoy this short film featuring my uncle Robert Weatherwax

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