CH. Mystiko & Adili’s Studio Presentation, CGC

Champion Sumira! Well on her way to Grand Championship. Our OFA results came back, hips Excellent and elbows passed. Nothing standing in our way now.

UPDATE 4/29/16: Sumira had her pups over night 28/29 3 girls, 1 boy. read more…
UPDATE 3/15/16: Sumira had her surgical AI on 2/27/2016. I will post at the end of the month, soon as I find out, if she is pregnant.

Coming to us from the rolling green hills of Kentucky, introducing Sumira. Born with 15 bothers and sisters, Sumira stood out of the “crowd” with loving attitude. Sweet, sweet Sumira. I am fortunate to have an opportunity, this far north, to have such a strong line. I could not be happier.

The name Sumira, for the Shona language, at the time, her name meant “dedication”. I’m happy to see that the definition is now “Much Remembered”. Sumira continues to rise not only in name rank but remarkably as a namesake.

Our health testing is moving along, we have had our eyes tested and results are normal, as well as our Cardio. The results of the new EOAD has her as a carrier, no she is not deaf, selective hearing is normal. We have bred her to Spirit by Surgical AI on February 27th.

Sumira is out of Gch. Adili’s Made To Perfection by Ch. Rokishoals Lenny Man On The Side